The "Bible" Inspired by the word of "God" is the foundation in which Christians live their lives, help us carry out the will of God, help spread His word, help raise our children, and help those in need of salvation. As Christians, we must first understand God's words and how they are relevant to our lives today. From the beginning, to prophecies, to the coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, to the end of times, the bible illustrates how Christians should live their lives according to the will of "God" then and now. This section will help you understand your role and responsibility as a Christian as "God" had intended for us to be. Inspired by the word of "God" through the workings of the "Holy Spirit" we can begin teaching in the following areas:

Dispensationalism - ​​​​​​Time periods from Genesis until the present which shows that God is of Justice and Grace; "Jehovah" (A just God) "Yahweh" (God of Grace) . These periods first began with blessings, however after man's reluctance and disobedience to follow God's instruction was followed by a curse always. God had already made provisions for restoration, total forgiveness, and a new beginning. These periods are divided by hundreds or thousands of years. Please read the teaching on "Dispensationalism".

The Trinity Doctrine - ​​The Trinity Doctrine is one of the most divisive teachings in the word of God. Either one is taught there is no trinity or the inclusion of "oneness" only which causes many concerns throughout the entire word of God. Mainly dealing with God Himself, His son, and the Holy Spirit which is simply falicy because from Genesis to Revelations every biblical points to "One God" who has a son and the Holy Spirit is evident. All being seperate but one. Remember in the book of Genesis when God said "Let us make man in our image after our likeness and our kind". Who do you think God is referring to??? Please read the teaching on "Trinity Doctrine".

The Christian Church - ​​There should not be any debate on when the Christian church was born. The point being it is here. Please read our teaching on the "Christian Church".

Biblical Numerology - ​​To help one understand that all of God's creation is systematic and of a planned numeric existence that is formed by a supreme being with an intelligence that cannot be fully comprehended by man. However, no one can deny that there is an intelligent design, plan, and purpose. In this teaching we only mentioned very little about systematic ongoing numerology. There is much more.......Please read our teaching on "Biblical Numerology".

Salvation - ​​The word means to "salvage" and we will begin to teach on how Jesus has paid the ultimate sacrifice so that each and everyone of us can have the opportuntity to be saved.. Please read our teaching on "Salvation".
There will be many more teachings coming throughout this domain. We want our audience to seek first the kingdom of God and these revelations and teachings will become more self evident. You will also see the past, the present, and the future for God knows the end from the beginning and has planned all things according to His will...... Amen