We understand it is paramount that we realize "GOD" above all else is love, justice and grace. From the book of Genesis through the last (Revelations) there are very distinct ages-time periods to help simplify the entire bible that you may better understand; we will name all (7) dispensations. The Lord always blessed man beginning with Adam and Eve. Yes, they were super human and were created to live forever. However, they disobeyed the Lord and acted irresponsible. God began all (7) dispensations with a love blessing by Grace, when man fell big time, justice was implemented, (Blessing and curse) has been the course of man's continued failure to obey "God".
The (7) dispensations are:

1. Innocence - Adam and Eve
2. Conscience (Self Conscience)
3. Human Government - Nimrod (Babel)
4. ​​​​​Promise - Abraham (Genesis 12:1)
5. ​The Law - Mosaic Law
6. Grace - Jesus born (applies today)
7. ​​Divine Government - millennium. 1000   years, Future 
Every dispensation started with a blessing and because of man's disobedience God's justice culminated the period with a curse. However, a new beginning always awaited God's people. Yes, total restoration and complete forgiveness demonstrates God's unconditional love for man.

It is important to note that before the dispensation of "Grace" beginning with Isaiah 53___________Malachi is considered the Age of the Prophets lasting over 300 years ___________then comes Grace (New Testament).